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          Zhejiang Jinfeng Copper Co., Ltd. is located in southeastern, Zhejiang province, south of the town of Copper - Yangpu Town. 80 km away from Hangzhou, and to Ningbo 70 km, adjacent Shangsan highway and 104 National Road.
          Company is specialized in producing various diameters 1.8-219MM, thickness 0.2-20MM specifications of Purple brass (T2, TP2), yellow brass (H62, H63, H65, H68), aluminum tube (1060,6063), tin yellow brass (Hs70-1A), aluminum yellow brass (HAL77-2), HPB59-1 yellow brass, nickel white brass (B10, BFe10-1-1), plastic coated brass, electric coil, and the types of copper pipes and matching. Undertake a variety of copper handrails, copper doors, bronze and other copper decoration.

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